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Saturday, December 4, 2010

300 Boxes

This morning my husband, the preacher (literally), will head out to our church to help host a Community Christmas Party for our area. Sounds like fun, and it is fun, but the reason for the party is to host less fortunate families and pass out boxes of food and small gifts for their children.  Last year they passed out 200 boxes. This year it will be 300 with over 500 people attending the breakfast and children's service. I am glad we are able to help, sad that we need to and the need is growing.

I don't get to help out during the actual event since I have two small ones of my own that I would spend my time chasing anyway. I did help out with set up and publicizing the event. While helping him out he said that last year the toys they passed out in the boxes were the only presents the children received. Sad, he said, because they weren't much. Now, we don't go crazy and I know Christmas is definitely more than gifts but just imagine the look on a child's face if Santa doesn't visit their house.

Our church runs a food pantry twice a week and the Community Christmas Party is an extension of this ministry. The food pantry is no small undertaking with a room full of food, paperwork to be filled out and the involvement of the USDA and local food banks. Many days their are people waiting for it to open to get the one bag of food per month they are allowed.

All of us usually feel a need to help some population, children, animals, the hungry and/or homeless. Get your kids involved! Help them pick out toys for needy children or food to drop off at the food bank. There are lots of ways you can help while teaching your children valuable lessons.

Some of the boxes:

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