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Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Beginning...

So here I am starting a post about my business. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have my own business! What kind of business? TUTUS! I make and sell tutus on Etsy.com. So, that leads me to my blog title, "Makin It Work."  My husband and I joke that I went to grad school to make tutus. Before our move to Roanoke, VA last year I worked full-time and was a mom to our two kids. When my husband was called to a church here, we decided I would stay home for a few months and then find a job. So, selling tutus has been my way of helping out and "makin' it work" on the financial end of things.

Well, a few months has turned into 13 in this horrible job market. I have a background in one of the hardest areas to find a job at the moment (at least around here), media and public relations. So, after almost a year with one income and no job prospects I started getting desperate. Then I remembered buying my daughter a tutu before she was born, looking at it and thinking, "Hm, I can do this."

So, I went out bought some tulle and made my daughter a tutu for Halloween. The first turned out horrible, but once I made a few they started looking adorable.  A friend of mine bought something from Etsy a while back and I had actually purchased a few things and decided it would be a good place to try selling my tutus at a minimal loss if it didn't work out.  I posted my items and started waiting on a sale and reading the forums. That's when I started reading all the posts from other sellers that said it took months for them to make their first sale. Hope dashed. But, I kept at it, reading the best ways to sell and promote on Etsy.

So after two months I have made 50 sales!! It hasn't been easy. Late nights, cleaning neglected and tulle up to my elbows, but I love it! I see why people go into business for themselves.

That's the quick story of how Sweet Baby Tutus came to be. Oh, and the name, I almost forgot! I wanted a name that meant something to me and my family.  I often call my children, "sweet girl" or "sweet boy" so I went with Sweet Baby Tutus.

I will use this blog as an outlet for discounts, information and therapy. I hope you will join me!

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