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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little girl, a fall and a couple of staples

Last Wednesday night was an eventful night in our house. We go to church every Wednesday for dinner and bible study and get home close to bedtime.  So, last Wednesday I had to give baths to both kids while my hubby ran home from church grabbed a bag to begin a three hour drive to an out-of-town conference. Things were just a little hectic with baths and telling Daddy bye.

My daughter got her bath first and as I was helping my son get his bath my daughter comes in, slips on some water on the floor and nails the trim around the floor with her head. OMG!! I just knew when I picked her up there would be lots of blood and a nasty cut. She cried while I checked but I didn't see anything. Whew! She stopped crying, I got my son out of the tub and sent him to put is PJ's on and took her to her room. I layed her on the changing table to put on her diaper and PJ bottoms, sat her up and there it was, BLOOD!

Now, for a little background. I do not do blood. I can handle little scrapes but that 's about it.  A few months ago I accidentally busted my lip playing with the hubs and kids and I almost passed out.

So, I'm home alone with what I now see is a small gash on her head and blood matted in her hair. Yikes! Now, I must do the brave thing and part the hair to see exactly how bad it is. Fortunately, my mommy adrenaline is going and I'm not swooning.  She isn't crying but she does not want me messing with her. All I can make out is where it is but I can't tell how deep.  Luckily, my husband had left about 10 minutes earlier so he wasn't too far away. I called him and he came home to help me judge the severity. 
The staples
On his way home he called a friend of ours to meet us there who is a trained EMT (I think) to help us out. My hubs get there first and we are standing in the kitchen so he could take a look. It's like my brain said, "He's here now so you can fall out." While I'm holding my daughter I turn green, feel faint, pass her off to my husband and go sit down.

Long story short since she seemed okay I send my husband on his way, I take her to the ER and our friend stays with my son and his wife meets me at the ER to help.  This entire time my daughter is just tired and could care less.  We get to the hospital and are waiting to go back and my daughter is playing and having a good time. Asking to go to the store for donuts and suckers.

We find out she needs two staples and, get this, the nurse tries to convince me to go ahead and do it instead of waiting the 40 minutes for the numbing cream to work.  "She'll cry either way." She was crazy! We waited for the cream to work and she didn't feel a thing and she didn't cry.  The only time she cried was when the nurse was cleaning it.

After the trip our friend bought her a bag of donuts for being so brave!

Today, we had the staples removed. Painless. So it's over. I survived. She survived and the first thing she did when we got home was climb on the dining room table. Geez!


Kyla said...

Oh man! I would have been flippin' out! You did good! I'm your newest follower from the Friday Social Parade. I'd love for you to follow back at www.homeschoolingbytheyard.blogspot.com and/or www.kylakreates.com. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I'm following from Social Parade on Friday and wanted to say "HI". If you get a chance stop by and say "HI" at http://www.wedemeyerfamily.blogspot.com/

Glad she's ok now but it was making me a little light headed reading it because we went through almost the same thing with our son but it was a tooth through his lip...horrible!

clavs said...

Poor baby, huhuhuh.LOL!
Happy Social Parade friday!
your newest folower,

Cyn said...

You are SUPER brave -- I would have been having a freak out -- glad she is okay!

Hiya! Newest follower from Hop Along Friday-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!